For nearly 20 years, has been a major ship agent and ship chandler. Top quality supplies from small quantities to wholesale, vast database of distributors and manufacturers.
We provide full range of services from finest wines and foods to full yacht maintenance facilities.

Immediate Emergency Response and Deliveries 24/7 worldwide.


Shore service, Port Agency, Customs Agency

Yacht Maintenance, Spare parts

Concierge, special requests

Galley and Hotel Services

Bunkering and fuel services

Manning agency

Legal expertise, insurance, financing

House Management

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At we are committed to providing top level services and we always do our utmost to embrace quality rather than quantity.

Testimonial: As an English-speaking Captain of a large yacht, i have really benefitted from the help of Shore Support. They not only are able to source good products need in my work, but are always there to help me or my family with any matters from administrative to house finding, insurance etc... The help given to me on land has cut my stress and saves me time so i can focus on my work and also enjoy time with my family.